Sollso Walking Wheel: The rollator you can ride while sitting.

Sollso Laufrad für Erwachsene: Der Rollator auf dem man sitzend fahren kann. Copyright SOllo Laufrad.

Albrecht Schnitzer, the inventor of the Sollso Walking Wheel for adults, enjoyed tinkering throughout his life, whether as a carpenter or later as a senior high school teacher. After falling multiple times on his bicycle and feeling less secure on it, he began searching for solutions instead of bidding farewell to cycling. Soon, he came up with the idea of removing the chain, pedals, and cranks from his current folding bike to create a walking wheel. This way, he could stand on both feet and even stand more securely than without the bike – the walking wheel had the function of a rollator, only more elegant, faster, and more comfortable. The Sollso Walking Wheel was born.

Albert Schnitzer, mit 88 Jahren auf seinem Sollso Laufrad unterwegs. Copyright Sollso LAufrad.
Albert Schnitzer, age 88, on his walking wheeel. Copyright ©Sollso_OlafTammFOTO.

As quickly as Albrecht created the first walking wheel, newly designed models were also produced. After four weeks, his son Heinrich had the first prototypes ready. There is now even a super-light carbon frame version of the Sollso Walking Wheel. Customers include not only seniors but also people in wheelchairs or with limitations.

However, it’s not the weight that is special about the Sollso Walking Wheel but the freedom it provides to elderly individuals. ‘Use it or lose it’ is a well-known wisdom, and from personal experience, I can only agree. Failing to move enough at a certain age leads to muscle loss, and rebuilding them is incredibly challenging. However, beyond physical benefits, using a walking wheel also trains balance and another body function: “the inner core.” Those with well-developed balance and inner core function are much safer on their feet in various life situations. In addition to physical benefits, mental well-being is also strengthened. Instead of staying indoors, people get out, meet friends, or simply enjoy fresh air and sunlight.

Without receiving any advertising money or a Sollso bike, I would personally recommend every older person who can still move well to order a Sollso Walking Wheel today. No one should experience a fall. Once a fall occurs, it is very unlikely that one will find the courage to ride on two wheels again.

Die Vorteile und Features des Sollo Laufrades. Copyright Sollso Laufrad.
The features of the Sollso Walking Wheel . Copyright ©Sollso_OlafTammFOTO.

What does it feel like to “ride” such a walking wheel?

The walking wheel is not a bicycle. Albert emphasizes that he often walks at a slow pace. It might be more comparable to a rollator – only here you get to sit comfortably. You move at the speed of a pedestrian or slower – all while sitting. It’s conceivable that someone should have ridden a regular bicycle before. Switching to a walking wheel for the first time at an advanced age might not be a good idea. Because the pace of the Sollso is similar to that of a pedestrian, there is no bell or lighting. Freedom of movement takes precedence over speed, and therefore safety. The faster you go, the more likely you are to fall.

The peculiar name “Sollso” emerged during Albrecht Schnitzer’s rides through the Schanzenviertel. A passerby shouted at him: “Broken or supposed to be like that?” – and the answer “Supposed to be like that!” not only shaped the name for the walking wheel but also for the entire company.

Sollso and Officer Wachtmeister (Policeman).

Schnitzer tells an anecdote that particularly amused him: “At some point during my outings, I encountered a policeman. ‘Hello,’ he calls behind me,” says Schnitzer, “stop for a moment!” … “You’re riding on the sidewalk,” says the officer. “I know that,” I reply. “You’re not allowed to do that,” he says. Now, I eagerly pulled my trump card out of my pocket.

“But you’re familiar with the traffic regulations, Officer Wachtmeister.” “Of course, I know them!” he exclaims. “From that, you should deduce that I belong on the sidewalk.” He becomes puzzled: “I didn’t look closely enough, excuse me, right, you have a walking wheel, it suits you well, and I wish you…” he hesitates, what should he say, a good ride, good walking? Anyway, he laughs and wishes me all the best.

Sollso Walking Wheel at the Lion’s Den.

In September 2023, Albrecht Schnitzer and his son Heinrich entered the stage of “Die Höhle der Löwen” (The Lion’s Den) on Vox. Albrecht, at 88 years old, was the oldest entrepreneur in the show’s history. They were seeking an investment of 200,000 euros for 15 percent of their company shares. Before the lion’s den, they had already sold 500 units of the Sollso Walking Wheel and planned to increase the production rate to 5000 wheels per year with support in advertising and distribution.

“Die Höhle der Löwen” promised excitement and entertainment, but for Sollso, the appearance ended without a deal. The lions were interested in the innovative walking wheel, but the high price of 825 euros per wheel made some hesitate. Nevertheless, hope for a successful future for Sollso persisted.

Albrecht Schnitzer is an incredible personality, and everyone should feel encouraged to start a project. Not only did he enhance his retirement life, but countless others now have a better life, perhaps with fewer complaints and more social contacts – all thanks to the Sollso Walking Wheel. Maybe Albrecht’s quote is a beautiful closing statement: “When I am in motion, my life makes much more sense.” Hopefully, Albrecht has inspired you as he has inspired me. All the best for the Sollso Walking Wheel!

And would you buy a Sollso Walking Wheel for yourself or give it to your parents or grandparents as a gift? Write in the comments what you think of the Sollso Walking Wheel.

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